Videos and Webinars

Videos and Webinars

Actionable accessibility reporting for developers and content managers

In the age of digital reliance, content managers and developers must actively ensure that the information posted to digital products are accessible. Automated accessibility testing tools, used by content managers, web developers and software engineers to evaluate accessibility, are not user-friendly and can be difficult to understand.

In this webinar, we discuss how iAccessible provides developers and content creators with timely and succinct analytics, tools and the guidance necessary to produce fully accessible digital products. iAccessible helps managers and developers prioritize, direct workflows and provide guidance on remediating accessibility barriers. In addition, we explain how integrating accessibility testing with existing enterprise tools, such as help desk systems and Google Analytics consoles, can facilitate accessibility remediation across products’ life cycles.

Actionable Accessibility Reporting for Non-Technical Managers and Executives

Most automated accessibility testing tools are designed primarily for content managers, web developers, and software engineers to evaluate accessibility, rather than managers or executives who could use these tools for compliance monitoring. In many organizations, the non-technical managers and executives are ultimately held responsible for unsatisfactory customer experience, lost sales, lawsuits and lost goodwill.

Learn how iAccessible empowers non-technical managers and executives with easy-to-understand actionable organizational-level metrics aimed at achieving higher levels of accessibility.

Document Design and Remediation Tips for Section 508

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that all web-based documents from PDFs to PowerPoints conform with accessibility standards. Learn tips from our Section 508 experts on how to make sure your documents are accessible.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • Checklists to use when developing your documents
  • Varying standards - which one to follow?
  • Working with visualizations and tables
  • Table of Contents, Glossaries - how far should you provide alt text?
Full Life Cycle Approach to Digital Accessibiity Testing

There is a misconception that fixing errors identified by automated tools is enough for accessibility compliance. However, the truth is that these tools are limited, and often fall short evaluating guidelines that are not black and white. These shortcomings can leave a lot to be desired for those with disabilities. That’s why iAccessible uses a full life-cycle approach that integrates risk-based sampling to minimize cost and risk in its approach to web accessibility.

A Case for Risk Base Sampling Approach to Manual Accessibility Testing

Automated testing assesses no more than 35% of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To ensure that web products conform, manual testing is still necessary, but can be labor intensive and costly. The iAccessible module was designed to routinely monitor your web products’ WCAG conformance with both automated and manual testing. This module uses a statistical sampling strategy that helps streamline manual testing. This helps developers and executives efficiently focus their monitoring and remediation efforts.

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