Upcoming Webinar

Document Design and Remediation Tips for Section 508 Conformance

Wednesday, February 26 | 11am EST to 11:30am EST

Learn from our experts on how to ensure that your documents conform to standards. In this webinar you will learn the following:

  • Checklists to use when developing your documents
  • Varying standards – which one to follow?
  • Working with visualizations and tables
  • Table of Contents, Glossaries – how far should I provide alt text?

Videos and Tutorials

Full Life Cycle Approach to Digital Accessibiity Testing

There is a misconception that fixing errors identified by automated tools is enough for accessibility compliance. However, the truth is that these tools are limited, and often fall short evaluating guidelines that are not black and white. These shortcomings can leave a lot to be desired for those with disabilities. That’s why iAccessible uses a full life-cycle approach that integrates risk-based sampling to minimize cost and risk in its approach to web accessibility.

A Case for Risk Base Sampling Approach to Manual Accessibility Testing

Automated testing assesses no more than 35% of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To ensure that web products conform, manual testing is still necessary, but can be labor intensive and costly. The iAccessible module was designed to routinely monitor your web products’ WCAG conformance with both automated and manual testing. This module uses a statistical sampling strategy that helps streamline manual testing. This helps developers and executives efficiently focus their monitoring and remediation efforts.

Additional Videos: