Don’t Miss the December 20, 2021 Deadline

Get your baseline assessment and level of effort estimates for digital accessibility

Under the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experiences Act (IDEA), all federal agencies need to report their baseline estimates for achieving digital accessibility to Congress by December 20, 2021. The iAccessible testing platform will help you gather all of the critical details you need in order to meet that deadline.

Your report to Congress needs to:

  • Assess inventoried content for accessibility barriers and prioritize based on usage and importance
  • Provide baseline estimates for the cost and time expected to remediate each barrier and bring the content into Section 508 compliance
  • Identify your complete plan for remediation

You might think you can provide all of this with automated testing, but automated testing only uncovers up to 30-35% of accessibility barriers. And manually testing your entire site may be too time-consuming for you to meet the deadline.

The solution?

iAccessible’s testing module, which combines automated testing with a statistical sampling strategy for a much more efficient manual testing approach. The result is a full assessment of your site’s compliance with Section 508 standards for accessibility, with detailed reporting on estimates for addressing errors.

Our platform will give you:

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The specific location of each accessibility barrier - including PDFs and Microsoft Office documents

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An estimate of the cost and effort required for each barrier

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Steps for remediation, so you can follow through on your estimates to Congress

Meet the December 20 deadline with a customized accessibility report.
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With iAccessible, you’ll get a partner that provides:

  • Real-time pricing and a GSA schedule for payment, accepting online credit card payments or a tailored blanket purchase agreement
  • 20 years of experience working with federal agencies
  • A secure platform that conforms with Section 508 standards
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