Readability Assessment

Readability Assessment

Readability refers to how easily a reader can comprehend written content. When people browse the web, it's crucial that the text they encounter is easy to understand, so that everyone can grasp the information being presented. This means that the more readable your web content is, the more people it will reach. iAccessible can help you determine the readability score of your website, ensuring that your digital content is accessible and understandable to a wider audience.


Scan for readable content

At iAccessible, we understand the importance of having a website of all users can understand. iAccessible's readability assessment help users determine the readability of their content, including an analysis tool that calculates readability scores based on various metrics such as the Flesch Reading EaseFlesch-Kincaid Grade LevelGunning Fog Score, and more.

What we offer

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Upload your website URL

Upload the website URL or URLs that you would like iAccessible to evaluate.

iAccessible runs readability assessment

iAccessible will scan your website to determine your readability score.

Receive assessment report

When the assessment is complete, you will receive a report with the breakdown of your website score.

Update your website

With the iAccessible report, update and fix your website content. You are now one step closer to an accessible website!

Readability FAQ

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