PDF Assessment

PDF Assessment

iAccessible provides on-demand document scans to evaluate Section 508 compliance for your website. We can quickly identify all PDF files on your site and determine the number and type of accessibility obstacles present.

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Make your PDFs accessible

iAccessible's PDF assessment offers on-demand scans of website documents to evaluate their Section 508 conformance.

The platform's scanning technology locates all PDFs with your website and identifies any accessibility barriers within them, such as missing alt text or incorrect heading structures. iAccessible provides users with a comprehensive report that outlines the number and type of accessibility issues found within the documents.

With this information, website owners and developers can make necessary changes to ensure their site is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

What we offer

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Upload your website URL

Upload the website URL or URLs that you would like iAccessible to evaluate.

iAccessible scans for PDFs

iAccessible will scan your website for PDFs and determine the accessibility barriers within them.

Receive assessment report

When the assessment is complete, you will receive a report on number of PDFs and the accessibility barriers.

Remediate your PDFs

With the iAccessible report, your PDF documents can now go through document remediation.

Do you need document remediation?

Try e-508.com for real-time pricing and tracking of your document remediation needs.