Release Notes

Coming Soon

  • Google Analytics Integration to monitor and report site traffic patterns
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for top rankings
  • Website Performance Reporting
  • Site Map Dashboard for optimal user journeys
  • WCAG 2.2 AA guidelines updated

03/19/2021 (Version

  • The permissions to the organization dropdown were improved and begin loading in the background the moment a user logs in

02/19/2021 (Version

  • Updates our accessibility scanning software to include the most recent releases from WAVE
  • Updated the User interface of the Overall Manager dashboard for improved user experience
  • Integrated SQL Server analysis Software into the WCAG Errors: Point-in-time Dashboard for increased performance and user experience
  • Our payment software has been switched for PayPal to HubSpot for a more flexible integration
  • User can now track their cart items while still on the iAccessible webpage without being redirected to HubSpot for improved user experience
  • User Groups are no longer automatically created and/or assigned at signup
  • Create Subscriptions are now only available to iAccessible support users

08/14/2020 (Version

  • Password security standards have been updated to better secure user accounts
  • Free scan report UI updates
  • Multiple UI updates on Accessibility Monitor dashboard
  • Free scan page now verifies email and webpage datatypes before submission

08/05/2020 (Version

  • Improved “Forgot Password” email UI
  • Tooltip displays names of columns on hover when columns are not wide enough

05/08/2020 (Version

  • Updated the free scan page ( to scan 5 URL was launched to provide an improved user experience and additional information to users exploring iAccessible’s capabilities
  • Organizations are now able to filter their different subscriptions, company, or departments on all the dashboards, allowing for a more granular evaluation
  • Created summary tables to archive data older than 90 days, allowing for improve dashboard performance and end user experience