Protect Your Clients from Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Lawsuits

ADA lawsuits for digital accessibility are on the rise. Accessibility testing is needed to monitor digital products (i.e., websites,  documents, software applications, etc.) to mitigate the risks of lawsuits and/or to provide proof of compliance as part of lawsuit settlements.

Did you know?


Your clients are at risk because their websites, documents, and software applications are not accessible to people with disabilities.

Our Platform


iAccessible uses multiple automated tools combined with risk-based statistical techniques to seamlessly monitor your clients’ ADA conformance.

Your Results


GCs and CCs will receive easy-to-understand alerts and summary reports of ADA non-conformance. And your clients’ website and content developers will receive step-by-step instructions of how to remediate any ADA errors.

Accessibility Monitoring


Do you need proof that remediation actions have been made, and your clients are continuing to monitor their websites’ compliance with accessibility standards?

Our assessments detect accessibility barriers for a range of disabilities: auditory, cognitive, physical, speech, and vision.