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On October 7, 2019,t he Supreme Court's denied a petition of writ of certiorari in the Robels v. Domino’s  case, upholding a 9th circuit's ruling that digital products, including web pages and PDFs, need to be fully accessible. Over the last few years, accessibility lawsuits have steadily increased.  Don’t fall behind in conforming to these modern-age standards!

We can help by conducting a baseline estimate by scanning all of your sites to:

  1.  Determine how many web pages you have
  2. Determine how many and the types of errors there are
  3. Scan your PDFs with your site and determine how many PDFs you have
  4. Determine the number and types of errors within your PDFs

It is becoming common knowledge that despite many vendor claims, automated testing has its limits – currently 30-35% of testing can be automated.

And we know you can’t scan everything and/or you can’t scan at high frequencies.  That’s why we have created stratified statistical sampling to help with manual testing and to reduce automated testing.

With our executive and developer reporting, you’ll improve over time with detailed and understandable analytics and remediation guidance.

And we made ordering much easier with PayPal and instant quotes…find what works for your budget.

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